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My Fifth-Grader Shows No Interest

My daughter does very well in school but is not interested in anything anyone else wants to teach her, including myself. In any conversation she disconnects and simply does not listen. She's also very stubborn when I try to help her with homework.

My Fifth-Grader Reverses Numbers When He Writes

My son is in fifth grade, and he still reverses some of his numbers. He doesn't reverse his b's and d's like he used to, but he still writes his 4s, 5s and 6s backward about 50% of the time. This doesn't seem to impede...

Your child and reading: A grade-by-grade guide

Keep tabs on what kids should be learning in reading, from kindergarten through fifth grade.

My Son Doesn't Write Down His Homework Assignments

My son is in fifth grade, and he takes a long time to write down and copy assignments. Most of the time he doesn't get all of his assignments written down and I have to get it from the teachers. When I spoke with his...

Math tips for every grade

Too many kids get math-phobic as they get older. Here's how to keep your child passionate about math from kindergarten through high school.

Tips for helping your child with writing assignments

Written language may be the most difficult form of language expression. For children with LD, it can be a serious challenge. Learn how to support your child in this important subject.

Helping a Child Manage a Long-Term School Project

One family's story of helping their son plan and complete a long-term school project -- despite the challenges of having AD/HD and dividing his time between his divorced parents' homes.

Help! My Child Got 4 Fs

I just came from an unsuccessful parent-teacher conference. Here's my story: Yesterday my really smart child comes home in tears and says "Mom, I got 4 F's." We sit down, she says she doesn't understand the instructions. These are her first F's in...

Help your child make and reach goals

Giving kids a sense of purpose is easy with our four-step plan.

Help your child with multi-digit addition problems

Learn two easy ways to solve multi-digit addition problems.