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Special needs programs and schools: a primer

How to make sense of what's available and make the best choice for your child.

Is a Waldorf school right for my child?

Learn what supporters, and critics, say about this unique, child-centric program that favors creativity and hands-on learning.

Public vs. private vs. charter schools

In the often overwhelming world of school choice, there are public, private, and charters. How do you decide which type of school is right for your child?

Should I send my child to a private school?

Expensive and elitist? Smaller classrooms and a better education? Maybe, maybe not. Get the lowdown on a private school education.

Facts (and fiction) about school test scores

They're never the whole story, but test scores do offer important information about a school. If you know how to dig deeper.

Should I send my child to a single-sex school?

Learn more about single-sex schools, and what advocates and detractors say. Then decide for yourself.

Best cities to live and learn 2010

How do they do it? The surprising secrets behind the best education towns in the nation.

Necessary moves

A moving survival guide for families relocating in tough times.

How we picked the top cities to live and learn 2011

Wonder why some cities made the cut while others didn't? Here's how we crunched the numbers and narrowed the list to come up with our winners.

Best cities 2011: Got diversity?

Beyond devoted teachers, top scores, and challenging courses, here's another quality worth looking for in public schools.