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How Can I Help My Son Adjust to Our Move?

Our third-grader is having a great deal of trouble adjusting to our recent move. We left a home where he had always lived and moved to a neighboring state when my husband took a new job. He is having a very hard time adjusting and...

11 tips for adjusting to a new school

Make your child's first day easier by getting organized and staying positive.

Health and the hood

Is the newfangled American dream (yes media room, no main street) hurting the very families it is designed to protect?

How we picked the top cities to live and learn 2011

Wonder why some cities made the cut while others didn't? Here's how we crunched the numbers and narrowed the list to come up with our winners.

Best cities 2011: Got diversity?

Beyond devoted teachers, top scores, and challenging courses, here's another quality worth looking for in public schools.

Best cities 2011: clusters of excellence

Find out why certain suburbs of NYC, SF, Boston, and Cleveland are topping our lists as the best cities to live and learn.

Navigating the system: Oakland

Looking for a school in Oakland? Let us help by giving you the inside scoop.

Navigating the system: Washington, DC

Scoring a primo school in the nation’s capital can seem as daunting as erasing the national debt. Yes, it’s tough, but these insider tricks just might save you.

Navigating the system: Pasadena

Looking for a school in Pasadena? We’ll give you the inside scoop on how to find the right one for your child.

The best cities to live and learn 2011

Looking for a great school? You might be surprised where you'll find it.