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On the Right Track: Teaching Your Teen With LD to Manage Travel and Transportation

Many kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD have a hard time getting around independently. Learn how you can help your teen fine-tune his navigation skills.

Planning For College: A Team Effort

A successful college graduate with AD/HD shares how she and her parents worked together to plan for college.

Finding the "Best Fit" for Young People with LD in the Workplace

Paul Gerber, Ph. D., discusses the process of finding a good match between one's individual strengths, job-related tasks, and the work environment.

Homeschooling kids with LD or ADHD: The pros and cons

Get answers to common questions about homeschooling students with special needs.

It Worked: The Dating Game - Helping Our Daughter With AD/HD Play it Safe

A manipulative boyfriend compels parents to intervene and get help for their daughter with AD/HD.

It Worked: Getting Help to Deal With a Child's Aggression

What felt like a drastic measure to these weary parents, turned out to be just the right approach.

Playing House the Grown-up Way: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Housekeeping

Kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD often struggle with certain aspects of housekeeping. An expert offers training tips for parents.

Transition Planning for Students With IEPs

Learn how this part of the IEP allows a teen in special education to outline goals that will help him achieve his post-high school plans.

College planning for students with learning issues

Is college the best choice for your teen with a learning disability? Check out these expert guidelines for making an informed decision about postsecondary education.

Parents' Top Tips for Helping a Discouraged Child

Parents of kids with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD share their strategies for helping a child make a fresh start.