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How to help your child make (and keep) friends

Learn what to it takes for kids to be socially successful.

Teaching kids responsibility

Helping your kids learn to be responsible is one of the greatest life tools you can give them.

How important is play in preschool?

As preschools strengthen their academic focus, play maintains a vital role.

Parent cliques

Sure, they make other parents feel left out. But the biggest surprise is the damage an exclusive group has on parents, kids, and an entire school community.

Is It Normal To Have Cliques in Preschool?

My daughter already seems to be forming a clique with two of her girlfriends at preschool. Every day, they seek each other out, and they play with each other almost exclusively. They don't shun other kids, but they also don't invite them to play along...

How can I help my child make friends?

There doesn't seem to be much supervision on the playground at lunch recess. As a parent of a fairly shy girl, how much can I expect the school to help her make social transitions into play on the schoolyard? In what ways do schools physically...

How do I build my child's confidence?

What are some ideas for helping my son with his self-esteem and confidence? We always say we're proud of him and "good job," but he still seems to have a low self-esteem.

My Son Copies His 'Cool' Disruptive Classmate

My son is in awe of another boy in his kindergarten class. He constantly talks about how "cool" he is and tells me things he does that are "awesome." The problem is the things this boy is doing are constantly disrupting...

My Daughter Is Being Mean to Her Friend

My 8-year-old daughter has had the same best friend since preschool. In the past year, she has been quite mean to her friend on the playground and at the bus stop. When I ask her about her behavior, she says that the friend is...

How Do I Build My Daughter's Self-Esteem?

How can I help my daughter raise her self-esteem? My daughter is in gifted program in school and has been making all A's in the class. She's not very outgoing type, sometimes very shy toward new environment but loves reading and could become very talkative...