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History books for kindergartners

Heroes of the past come to life - and transform the future - in these history books your child will love.

History books for first graders

From child heroes to fantastic inventions, these books bring history to life.

History books for second graders

Secret soldiers, sneaky cats, and intrepid pioneers bring the past to life.

Art books for kindergartners

Sunflowers, symphonies, and beautiful blunders: books about art your child will love.

Art books for first graders

Adventures with child artists, great writers, and inspirational cats.

Art books for second graders

From Paris to the American West: the lives and visions of artists from around the world.

Read aloud books for kindergartners

Your child will love these read aloud favorites (and you will, too)!

101 books for college-bound kids

Sharing the classics with your child is an activity you'll both treasure.

8 books that celebrate diversity for tweens

These coming-of-age stories offer a glimpse into the lives of teens and tweens from different cultures and times that'll resonate with your middle schooler.

Science and nature books for fourth graders

Whether your child gets his or her thrills from learning about creatures that live under extreme conditions or our flawed food system, these books will appeal to animal lovers and amateur environmentalists alike. Several of these titles provide helpful tips and messages of hope to...