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History books for second graders

Secret soldiers, sneaky cats, and intrepid pioneers bring the past to life.

Art books for kindergartners

Sunflowers, symphonies, and beautiful blunders: books about art your child will love.

Art books for first graders

Adventures with child artists, great writers, and inspirational cats.

Art books for second graders

From Paris to the American West: the lives and visions of artists from around the world.

Read aloud books for kindergartners

Your child will love these read aloud favorites (and you will, too)!

Science and nature books for fourth graders

Whether your child gets his or her thrills from learning about creatures that live under extreme conditions or our flawed food system, these books will appeal to animal lovers and amateur environmentalists alike. Several of these titles provide helpful tips and messages of hope to...

Science and nature books for second graders

From playful penguins to mighty dinosaurs, there's something to fascinate everyone on this book list. Beyond our recommended critter curriculum, titles on the benefits of recycling and vermicomposting (in which worms do all the good work) will introduce children to the ABCs of environmentalism.

Science and nature books for third graders

From great whites to garbage, let these books spark your child's interest in science by presenting a range of natural (and not so natural) phenomena. Learn how predators use camouflage to hunt more effectively, for example, or how to keep trash out of landfills. Your...

Science and nature books for first graders

Help first graders learn about the natural world around them. This book list will not only spark their curiosity about creatures as varied as beetles, sea turtles, and polar bears, but also offer important lessons about becoming an involved citizen.

Science and nature books for fifth graders

Scientists and inventors have a unique ability to captivate kids with their creations and, more often than not, eccentricities. These books let kids recreate Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, for example, and study the strange lives of scientists who experimented on themselves. Your fifth grader may...