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Active gaming tips

Video games aren't just for couch potatoes - active gaming gets kids moving.

Nine ways to keep kids safe online

As kids use the Internet more and more, parents need to guide them to be web savvy. Here's how.

What to consider before buying a computer

Whether you're buying your child her first laptop or replacing the dinosaur in the family room, consider these basic points.

Waiting for Superman trailer

It'll make you cry. It'll make you laugh. It'll make you do extra research on GreatSchools before choosing a school.

Introducing the GreatSchools newsletter

Education is our passion - and yours. Our weekly newsletter helps you stay on top of the latest education news and provides tips and resources to help your child thrive in school and beyond!

9 secrets to managing your child's screen time

When you limit screen time, you give your child the gift of more time to read, engage in active play, and be a healthier child.

Help! My child has been reaped

Millions of children are already possessed by The Hunger Games trilogy, now the first movie is on its way. Has children’s media become too addictive - and too violent?

Must-see reality TV

Eight reality shows that won't rot your kids' brains (or yours). 100% Kardashian-free!

Is online education the future?

Find out why more students are opting for digital learning.

iPhone apps for your rug rats

Every day another gazillion iPhone applications are released into the wild, and the vast majority are designed for grownups. But more and more developers, realizing how many young hands are reaching for their parents' phones, are creating apps for kids. The list below highlights some...