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What Is the Relationship Between AD/HD and Self-Control?

Kids with AD/HD can seem spaced out one minute but hyperfocused the next. Learn why this occurs -- and how trouble with self-control is at the heart of this paradox.

Buying educational software? Start by asking the right questions

Learn how to select high-quality software that will strengthen your child's academic skills.

Does My Son Have AD/HD or a Behavior Issue?

My son is on point academically. However, he talks out during class, he doesn't respect authority, he makes fun of the blind child in the class, he laughs at the teacher when she is trying to discipline him and he never wants to go to...

My Child Can't Focus in Math Class

My fifth-grader has a problem staying focused in math class. I have made several changes at home like adjusting his time to one hour a night of television. Play Station has been put away and I have him do multiplication every night. I have kept...

What's the Best Kind of Tutoring for My Sixth-Grader With LD?

My daughter has recently been tested for a learning difference in math and language composition (verb, preposition, adverbs, nouns, etc.). She is currently in a Montessori school in sixth grade but will be attending a charter school in the fall because she needs one-on-one help...

How Can I Help My Dyslexic Child Be Better Organized?

What is the best advice you have for a high school student with a great attitude struggling with the need for strategies to improve organization skills and time-to-study challenges? This student was diagnosed by the school district as having dyslexia in sixth grade and although...