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Coping With a Learning Disability, My Life Long Companion

You'll be moved by the story of a former Army Green Beret who has struggled with a learning disability while defending his country.

Preparing for Your Journey Through the Special Education Maze

Become an effective participant at IEP meetings by systematically observing your child and documenting facts.

Mothering a Mind at a Time

Three mothers share how recognizing their children's unique strengths helped them address their learning challenges.

Fostering Motivation in Kids With Learning and Attention Problems

Learn how to help kids sustain the joy of learning for its own sake in the face of their struggles and frustrations.

Organizing a notebook for LD and AD/HD records and resources

Setting up a system to stay organized saves time and energy when you're busy advocating for your child with special needs.

Finding local resources when your child has LD or AD/HD

Follow these practical steps to define your child's needs and find help for him close to home.

Talking with Your Elementary School Child about Learning Difficulties

Though it isn't always easy, it's essential that you have frank conversations with your child about his learning challenges.

A Daughter With LD Grows Up: An Excerpt From Laughing Allegra

Henry Ford's great-granddaughter tells a heartfelt and inspiring story about the struggle and triumph of raising a daughter with a learning disability.

When a Child Has a Learning Disability: The Parent's Grieving Process

Grief about a child's learning difficulties can sneak up on you. Find out how to process your feelings and use practical strategies for coping.

Kids Quiz Charles Schwab About the Personal Side of Learning Disabilities

When Charles Schwab visited a New York City elementary school, kids were eager to talk with him about his dyslexia. Their conversation will enlighten and amuse you.