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What Can Lead Kids With AD/HD to a Positive Future?

An expert explains how nurturing a child's resilience helps him chart a path to a satisfying future.

How to Help Your Child With LD Manage Homework

Work with the teacher to determine how much and what kind of homework works best for your child.

Risky Behavior in Teens With AD/HD

Psychologist Sam Goldstein describes the kinds of risky behaviors teens with AD/HD often engage in.

Andrew's journal: Growing up with dyslexia and AD/HD

From second grade through high school, Andrew has shared his story of getting through school with the dual challenges of dyslexia and AD/HD.

Parent coaching for children with AD/HD and learning disabilities

This parent coaching system can help you shape your child's behavior at home and in the outside world.

Resources for Adults With Learning Disabilities & Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Learning disabilities and AD/HD are usually lifelong conditions. This list of resources is geared toward adults living with those challenges.

How My AD/HD Son Became a Splashing Success

Different strokes for different folks is the motto one mom adopted while helping her young son with AD/HD find his sport.

Choosing College Courses: Heeding Advice From Adults vs. Peers

A mother tells how her daughter learned the hard way whose advice to trust when choosing college courses.

When kids with LD Facebook

Children with learning and attention problems may blossom by using social-networking sites. Learn more about the potential benefits and risks for these kids.

Controlling Your Emotions and Behavior When Your Child Is Disrespectful

Learn how to stay cool and maintain a steady course when your child is rocking the boat.