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No Child Left Behind and Students With Learning Disabilities: Opportunities and Obstacles

Take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the obstacles of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Tech Preparation: New Challenges and Opportunities for College-bound Teens With LD and/or AD/HD

Help your teen with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD gain the essential tech skills he'll need to succeed in college.

Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind

Parents must understand key provisions of this federal education law to secure benefits for kids with LD.

Assessing Students With Learning Disabilities Under No Child Left Behind

Make informed choices about state assessments your child with learning disabilities is required to take.

Making the "No Child Left Behind Act" Work for Children Who Struggle to Learn: A Parent's Guide

Download this practical guide and become a more effective advocate for your child.

How to Analyze and Correct Your Child's School Records in Four Steps

Use this simple, four-step process to keep your child's school records current, complete, and accurate.

Getting Accommodations in Class

Learn about strategies your child's teacher can use to help your child be more successful.

Research Trends: Is There a Link Between LD and Juvenile Delinquency?

Will having a learning disability lead your child to a life of delinquency? An expert summarizes what the research says - and the news is good!

Matching assistive technology tools to individual needs

To be helpful and effective, assistive technology tools must meet each child's needs, tasks, and settings.

School's out! Or is it?

Should you give your struggling kid a break over the summer, or is this crucial time wasted?