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How parents can help children who are anxious

When worry interferes with a child's daily life, parents can provide support and reassurance.

Building My Son's Self-Esteem

When my child was identified with LD, I worried about how I was going to build and maintain his self-esteem.

A Therapist Answers Parents' Questions about Problem Behavior

Parents raise issues ranging from homework hassles, to school avoidance, to oppositional behavior in their kids with learning and attention problems.

Parent tales: First signs of a reading disorder

GreatSchools members share stories about the first signs and symptoms of their children's reading issues.

Executive function: A new lens for viewing your child

This theory of how we mentally navigate life offers a new way to view a child's strengths and struggles.

Dynamic Duo: A Father and Daughter Who Share LD

A devoted dad who, like his college-age daughter, has a learning disability, explains how he's encouraged her along the way -- and how she has blossomed into a dynamic young woman.

The challenges of romance for teens with LD

Learn how and why teens with learning and attention difficulties often misunderstand the nuances of dating -- and how you can help.

Success Attributes Among Individuals With Learning Disabilities

Researchers have identified certain traits that lead individuals with learning disabilities toward success.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Develop Success Attributes

Self-awareness, perseverance and support systems are a few of the success factors parents can nurture in their kids with learning disabilities.

Anxiety Among Kids With LD: Three Clinical Psychologists Discuss Causes and Symptoms

Three psychologists explain how parents can spot the signs and symptoms of anxiety in kids with learning disabilities.