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A fragrant lesson

Help first- and second-graders celebrate the holidays (and learn about the spice wars!) with delicious-smelling decorations.

Smart cookies

Teach preschoolers or kindergartners about the origin of spices by baking fragrant goodies.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

How you can help at home: Try printmaking to make your own wrapping paper!

Passion for fashion: Create homemade lapel pins

Your second- or third-grader can discover wearable art with this chic activity.

Saying Thanks to Your Child's Teacher

Parents share a wealth of ideas for teacher gifts, from gift cards to spa days to lunches honoring the whole school staff.

What a Halloween costume says about your child

Princess or assassin? Gory zombie or sexualized pop star? You may cringe at your child's Halloween costume, but here's why the most wince-worthy outfits make developmental sense.

Last-minute teacher gifts

Still looking for a great gift for your child's teacher? Here are five quick and simple ideas for gifts teachers will love.

Preserving knowledge

Third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders explore the science of canning by making marmalade.

The gift economy

Our Holiday Toy Survey elicited some wondrous insights about the state of holiday cheer and chagrin in America today.

Gifts for mini multimedia moguls

Whether or not words like "nano" and "flip" are already part of your kids' vocabulary, you can boost their tech savvy (and talents) with one of these multimedia gifts. Instead of just letting them zone out to TV or tunes, encourage your children to get...