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How Parents Can Help Older Kids With Reading Problems

Do you have an older child who struggles with reading? An expert explains how you can help him improve his literacy skills.

A whole new world

After years of homeschooling, is this family ready to deal with the public school system?

All eyes on iPad

The snazzy new gadget from Apple might be the ultimate AT device for my son.

Fighting the good fight

Parents' top tips for managing conflict as you advocate for your child.

All about IEPs

A new book from special ed law firm Wrightslaw answers all of your IEP questions.

Flip that study space

Could the design of your child's homework area hold the key to success?

Be your own best advocate

How to avoid lawyers and still get what your child needs out of special education.

Getting off to the right start

Ten tips to make sure your child's IEP is ready to go on day one.

Sports: the next inclusion frontier?

Kids on IEPs need to get in on the fun in sports and PE classes

Beware the miracle cure

Miracle cure scams abound in the world of learning disabilities. Here's how to spot them.