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College resources for students with LD or AD/HD

Whether your teen with LD or AD/HD is college-bound or already on campus, he'll find this resource list invaluable.

Andrew's journal: Growing up with dyslexia and AD/HD

From second grade through high school, Andrew has shared his story of getting through school with the dual challenges of dyslexia and AD/HD.

Teens With LD and/or AD/HD: Shopping for College Options

If your child has a learning disability, here's how to find a college whose offerings are a good match for his strengths and needs.

Attorney Paul Grossman on Legal Rights for College Students With LD

There are no IEPs in college, but there are protections under federal law for students with learning disabilities.

Adolescents - Conducting the Experiments: An Excerpt From Ready or Not, Here Life Comes

This book tackles the topic of transition to young adulthood - with a special advice for teens.

It worked: Coping with a teenager's computer game addiction

A teen and his parents get professional help to deal with screen addiction.

Helping Teens Develop Self-Determination: An Excerpt from Guiding Teens With LD

In an excerpt from Guiding Teens with LD, author Arlyn Roffman, Ph.D. explains how to help your teen develop self-determination.

Jonathan Mooney on Goal Setting and Motivation in Teens With LD or AD/HD

This Ivy League scholar, author, and speaker has severe dyslexia and beat the odds for success. Learn how he stayed motivated and set goals for himself.

Career and Technical Student Organizations: Extending Employment Preparation Beyond the Classroom

Middle and high school kids have opportunities for guidance, mentoring, and peer interaction.

Parenting and Adolescents With AD/HD: An M.D.'s Advice

Does your teenager have AD/HD? Learn how to keep lines of communication open while promoting his indpendence.