Articles about:

Keeping in touch with the teacher

How to form a strong partnership with your child's teacher.

How to help the teacher help your child succeed

One simple tool for building a great relationship with your child's teacher.

Simple steps for solving problems at school

Handling problems at school is a snap with these three rules.

Powerful parents transform schools

Parents aren't just sitting on the sidelines anymore. They're actively involved in schools and it's paying off in surprising ways.

What makes a great parent?

Students and their schools benefit from supportive parents. Here are 10 ways to support your child and the school.

Parent involvement primer

If you'd like to get involved at your child's school but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

The Parent Institute for Quality Education

This project guides parents with practical tips to support their children's education.

Three parents who made a difference at their schools

Motivated by a desire to improve schools, parents are creating a new level of partnership with schools and helping to make a difference.

Making a difference at your child's school

What's the best way to help out at your child's school? Here are some tips on making a contribution of time and effort that really makes a difference.

Become a legislative advocate for your child's school

Let your elected officials know where you stand on the issues that affect schools and your child's education.