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Golden Apple Awards 2010 (ages 8-10)

Whether your kid likes DIY perfume kits or division drills, these toys are sure to please.

Golden Apple Awards 2010 (ages 3-5)

Designed for the youngest learners, these toys are anything but basic.

Nine go-to gadgets for the holidays

Our tech expert picks her favorite digital gifts -- from the basic to the deluxe -- that will keep your kid learning all year long.

Best new books for older kids

Teen-eating monsters, visiting angels, world-scourging viruses! This year's 6 best new page turners are sure to please your favorite tween or teen.

Top apps for graduates

Your high schooler has put in years of hard work. Help her celebrate with these 7 grad-handy apps that are just right for creating moments and capturing memories.

Learning toys that fail

Not all teaching toys pan out: Some are boring; others fail to make a point. But these dangerously failing toys cross the line from "educational" to "injurious."

Best learning toys ages 3 to 5

Designed especially for the youngest set, these 2011 Golden Apple Award winners excel in teaching early reading, writing, and drawing.

Best learning toys ages 6 to 8

From winding marble runs to interactive talking maps, these Golden Apple Awards 2011 put the fun back in school smart.

Best learning toys ages 9+

History buffs, eco-farmers, and mad scientists will love these 2011 Golden Apple Award winners created for older kids.

Best STEM toys ages 6 to 8

From treasure hunts to microscopic views, these 2011 Golden Apple Award winners will educate as much as they entertain.