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Raising a child with mental illness: What I wish I’d known

8 great survival tips from a mother in the trenches.

IQ like Einstein

What is it really like to parent a profoundly gifted child?

Adele Faber on "I hate homework!"

The famed "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" author offers her expert advice on exactly what to say to a homework-hating child.

Gabor Mate on "My teacher hates me!"

The physician and best-selling co-author of "Hold On to Your Kids" says American parents need to consider an entirely different approach to handling this.

Why can’t you just EAT? What I wish I’d known

Struggling with anorexia, bulimia, or any eating disorder is a hall-of-mirrors world where nothing is as it seems. Here's what this mother wishes someone had told her.

Hall of mirrors: my daughter’s battle with anorexia

Like many parents, Melanie thought she understood what anorexia was all about. Then it happened to her child and she learned the complicated truth.

Alfie Kohn on "I don't want to go to school!"

The author of "The Schools Our Children Deserve" says that giving a pat response to make children feel better or force them to go isn't the answer. There's a much better way.

Deborah Tillman: when your child says, "I hate homework!"

The star of "America's Supernanny" tells parents to use this firm-but-creative approach to make sure your kids do their homework.

Sara Bennett on "I hate homework!"

If your elementary schooler is unhappy about her nightly workload, the author of "The Case Against Homework" says it's OK to do the unimaginable.

Heidi Allen Garvin on "My teacher hates me!"

"Mormon Moms" founder Heidi Allen Garvin says parents should take it very seriously when their child comes home with this complaint - and take action if they have to.