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Mind the high school gender gap

A close look at California test scores show girls lag behind boys in far too many subjects in high school – especially STEM subjects like geometry, physics, and chem.

Crash course for choosing an elementary school

Searching for an elementary school? This all-in-one user's guide gives you the lowdown on school choices, key questions to ask, and a printable tour checklist.

Public vs. private vs. charter schools

In the often overwhelming world of school choice, there are public, private, and charters. How do you decide which type of school is right for your child?

Should I send my child to a private school?

Expensive and elitist? Smaller classrooms and a better education? Maybe, maybe not. Get the lowdown on a private school education.

Facts (and fiction) about school test scores

They're never the whole story, but test scores do offer important information about a school. If you know how to dig deeper.

How we calculated these lists: 2012 test score trends using GreatSchools Ratings for California public schools

Have you seen our lists of most improved elementary, middle, and high schools for 2012? How about the top scoring, bottom scoring, most improved, and fastest falling school districts? Here's how we calculated these lists.

Should I send my child to a single-sex school?

Learn more about single-sex schools, and what advocates and detractors say. Then decide for yourself.

Project-based learning: the pros and cons

Many schools claim to do project-based learning, but do they really? And what are the advantages of this kind of academic focus?

Should I consider homeschooling my child?

Thanks to online education, homeschooling is growing in popularity and becoming an attractive alternative for many families. But is it right for you?

College prep: What does it really mean?

Many schools claim to be college preparatory, but do they do anything outside the ordinary to set kids on the road to college?