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Should I Push My Son to Read Harder Books?

My son is a struggling reader. The books that he chooses to read at home are too easy for him, and he'll read the same easy books over and over again. I tell him to pick out other books that are more difficult, and he...

Don't let their brains melt

Avoid summer school (and summer brain drain) with a little e-learning.

Top summer learning activities for young elementary schoolers

Keep your first-, second-, or third-grader sharp this summer with fun brain boosters.

The power of play

As children slog though grueling schedules of enrichment and academics, researchers have found a connection between brain development and the very thing kids are getting less of.

Nonfiction for fun and learning, too

Children can learn and have fun at the same time when reading non fiction books. Teach your child nonfiction reading strategies so he can build his reading skills and become a better reader.