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The ins and outs of school finance

Bewildered by budget battles, bonds, parcel taxes and complicated school funding systems? You're not alone.

Powerful parents transform schools

Parents aren't just sitting on the sidelines anymore. They're actively involved in schools and it's paying off in surprising ways.

How to start a school library

Has your school's library suffered setbacks - or even closure? Here's how parents can pull together to start, save, or revive this crucial academic resource.

School violence by the numbers

School gangs, dangerous weapons, brutal murders. Headline-making news has parents believing they’re on the rise, but how common is violence in our children's schools?

How to start a school garden

Schools nationwide are letting kids get their hands dirty while they learn. Here's a step-by-step guide to starting a thriving school garden of your own.

What Does the School Board Do?

The school board sets the vision for the school district and the decisions they make at their monthly meetings make a difference for your school.

What Does the School Secretary Do?

At most schools, the secretary is a key player in communicating with parents and community members about what's happening at school.

Five fundraising tactics for savvy schools

We look beyond scrip and bake sales in search of the big dollars available to schools.

Extreme makeover: green schools edition

Put an environmental spin on your kids' education with these eco-friendly tips for schools.

Simple steps for solving problems at school

Handling problems at school is a snap with these three rules.