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The Finnish paradox

More, more, more. Should we apply the principles of supersizing to education reform?

Meeting the teacher

The best way to introduce yourself to the teacher.

Check your child's backpack for news from the teacher

Your child's backpack contains important information from the teacher.

How to tell the teacher about your high expectations

Three easy ways to share your high expectations with the teacher.

Teaming up with the teacher

How making the teacher your partner will help your child.

Listening to the teacher

Talking with the teacher in a positive way is a key for your child's success.

Keeping in touch with the teacher

How to form a strong partnership with your child's teacher.

How to help the teacher help your child succeed

One simple tool for building a great relationship with your child's teacher.

Escuchando a la maestra

Hablar con la maestra de forma positiva es clave para el éxito de su hijo.

Cómo mantener el contacto con la maestra

Cómo formar una colaboración estrecha con la maestra de su hijo.