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Get Involved at Your Preschool

Five ways to participate in your child's preschool program - and why you should.

Beyond the Food Fights: Helping Schools Get Healthy

School districts are now required to have formal wellness policies, but battles over school food and how to best improve kids' health rage on.

The role of the PTA

The PTA is a powerful organization affiliated with many schools across the country. Here's how you can join the club.

Online resources for parental involvement

Parent involvement can have a powerful impact. Learn how to connect with groups that promote parent involvement in schools.

Three parents who made a difference at their schools

Motivated by a desire to improve schools, parents are creating a new level of partnership with schools and helping to make a difference.

How One Mom Helped Create a School Garden

Getting Involved: Chris Leishman worked hard to get a learning garden up and running at her school.

Parents versus the budget

Forget about chanting, "The people united ..." These four parent groups are fighting to save education funding using snow, social media, and serious lobbying.

Elections matter for schools

How you vote can affect your local public schools and your community.

Raising money for your school

Fundraisers have moved beyond bake sales as creative parents help cash-strapped schools look for every extra dollar to boost their budgets.

The ins and outs of school finance

Bewildered by budget battles, bonds, parcel taxes and complicated school funding systems? You're not alone.