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How Do I Manage My Child's Homework?

My daughter's homework load has increased with more research reports and assignments that are due over a longer period of time. She has been procrastinating until the last minute. Then she panics, stays up late and turns in work that is not up to par...

Homework confidential: What kids really think

Parents, teachers, and experts have plenty to say on the subject of homework, but what about the recipients of all those worksheets? GreatSchools went straight to the source and asked a handful of kids what they love, hate, and would change about their assignments. Surprisingly...

Help Your Child Manage Procrastination

Does your child start school assignments too late and struggle to finish on time? Here's how you can help your student with time management.

Helping your child be more organized

Use a day planner to help you and your child keep his busy life organized.

Why Can't My Child Do Her Homework on Her Own?

My daughter is in the second grade and I cannot get her to start her homework on her own. I always have to tell her that she has homework that needs to be completed. She is very bright and has no problem understanding the homework...

How Can I Help With Spelling Tests?

My granddaughter is having trouble learning and remembering her spelling words. She continuously gets as many as five out of ten wrong. How can I help her?

How Can I Help My Procrastinating Tween?

My son is an eighth-grader and a very smart boy (straight A student in all pre-AP courses) and quite ambitious, too. But he always procrastinates and most of the time goes to sleep very late at night (between 12 and 2 a.m.) and sometimes gets...

How Can I Help My Teen With Algebra?

My daughter is in the 11th grade. She is having problems with algebra 2. Her teacher said that she cannot give her one-on-one tutoring. I took her to a place for evaluation for math. She tested at a fifth-grade level. I am a single parent...

Help your child with multi-digit multiplication problems

Learn two simple ways to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

How to help your child stay focused

Want to teach your kids to pay attention? Give *them* attention!