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Erica Reischer on "I'm bad at math!"

Instead of focusing on whether they're 'good" or "bad" at something, help kids see the value of hard work, advises parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer.

How Can I Help My Child With Sequencing?

In the fourth-grade class, students read one-and-a-half pages of a story of history. After reading, they must put a list of eight things from the story in sequential order. My son is not able to do well in this area and it has affected his...

Help your child with multi-digit addition problems

Learn two easy ways to solve multi-digit addition problems.

Why is algebra so important?

Algebra is known as a gatekeeper subject, so when should your child take it?

My Fifth-Grader Reverses Numbers When He Writes

My son is in fifth grade, and he still reverses some of his numbers. He doesn't reverse his b's and d's like he used to, but he still writes his 4s, 5s and 6s backward about 50% of the time. This doesn't seem to impede...

How Can I Make Multiplication Fun?

My third-grader is struggling with the multiplication tables. Do you have any suggestions for making this fun?

My Bright 11th-Grader Got a D in Calculus

My son is a junior in high school and he has always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. He designed and built a guitar and is restoring an old 70s Nova. He has been in gifted programs, honors and now AP classes since fourth grade...

Summer numbers

Multiply the learning and the fun with these summer math worksheets.