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Your child and reading: A grade-by-grade guide

Keep tabs on what kids should be learning in reading, from kindergarten through fifth grade.

My 10th-Grader Hates Reading and Writing

I have a 10th-grader who hates reading and especially writing. He will read, under duress. But his writing is nonexistent. "Did you like this book? Explain why or why not?" His response is "I didn't like it. Because it was boring."...

My Fourth-Grader Struggles With Reading

I have been struggling with my 10-year-old son and his reading for years now. I have tried different books, looking for what he likes to read, I've read with him, tried to be enthusiastic, but nothing seems to work. Now I am trying to...

My kindergartner already reads. Will she be bored?

I am the mother of a 5-year-old girl currently attending kindergarten. We've spoken with her teacher about the curriculum planned for this year and among other great things, he stated that he will be teaching the kids to read. The problem is, our daughter...