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A free printable guide packed with tools that'll whip your family's busy life into shape and set you up for your smoothest back-to-school season ever.

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From workbooks to school supplies to finding the right teacher, our readers share their ideas for helping kids start the new school year off right.

A smooth start

When your child starts preschool, she may experience separation anxiety and regressive behavior. Child psychiatrist Joshua Sparrow explains what you can expect.

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Homework Helper

Help your child take control of his homework load.

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Nine steps to a smart start

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Confessions of a cyberstalking mom

One tech fanatic sets her kids free online and then spies on them relentlessly. Is this the right way to parent in the digital age?

Free Summer Survival Guide

If you're heading out on family vacation, take along our Summer Survival Guide, packed with puzzles, games, and learning fun. A first aid kit for boredom on wheels!

Field Guide to Digital Parenting

You don't have to be a tech whiz to help your child safely explore the digital wilderness - or to avoid these six common pitfalls. Our guide can show you the way.