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How do I stop my child from teasing other kids?

How do I stop my third-grade son from teasing and bothering others at the bus stop?

My Daughter Is Being Excluded

My daughter is in the second grade and is having problems with some girls at the school excluding her from playing with them. It seems to be one girl, who gets other girls to do what she says. I have talked to the teacher several...

How do I help my daughter deal with mean girls?

My second-grader does not want to go to school. She tells me there is a group of girls who constantly tease her and keep her away from her best friend. They tell her best friend not to play with her and make her choose sides...

Should I Teach My Child to Defend Himself?

My son just received three days in an alternative school for defending himself in a fight. What is upsetting me is that if he did not defend himself, he would be bullied. So what is a parent to do? What is right? Teach your child...

The Girls' Clique Snubs My Daughter

My daughter complains that some girls do not play with her or do not let her participate in their games. I spoke to the teacher, and she said that there are two girls in class who, like to play together and decide who will play...

My sixth-grader is insecure about her height

My 12-year-old daughter is very insecure because she is 5'10" and taller than all her friends. She is a good student and has always had great friends. However, in the past month she has cried on three separate occasions about how her friends...

Protect your child from cyberbullies

One in 5 kids is a victim of cyberbullying. Here's how to protect your child.

Bullyproof your child: 8 key takeaways

In our latest #emotionalsmarts Google+ Hangout, experts Emily Bazelon and Maurice Elias discussed bullying and identified 8 things all parents should know.

Ten steps to building a bully-free school

When schools create a culture where everyone belongs, bullying is less of a problem.

What parents can do about childhood bullying

An expert explains how to determine if your child is a bully or a victim — and how to take appropriate, effective action!