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Work it out

A summer job can be the key to future success for teens with learning disabilities.

Parent picks: Great books on AD/HD

Bookstore shelves are overflowing with books on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or AD/HD. Some are perceptive and helpful, others not so much. So how's a parent to choose? To help narrow the field, we turned to a mom who's "been there, done that."

Attorney Paul Grossman on Legal Rights for College Students With LD

There are no IEPs in college, but there are protections under federal law for students with learning disabilities.

Understanding college admissions tests

College admissions tests, a rite of passage for high school students, are changing. Here's what you and your child need to know.

Successful Artist With LD and AD/HD Seeks to Inspire Others

Working with paint and clay kept Robert Toth going when repeated school failure threatened his self-esteem. Now a world-class artist, he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others with learning disabilities.

Testing, testing

Having an IEP doesn't guarantee accommodations on college admissions tests.