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Personal FM Listening Systems

Learn about assistive technology tools called Personal FM Listening Systems.

Evaluating Products & Services for Your Child With LD or AD/HD

An expert explains how to be an informed consumer when selecting services and products for your child with learning or attention problems.

Championing children's success

Debbie Phelps reveals her secrets, from raising a superstar swimmer to inspiring middle-schoolers to follow their dreams.

Talking Spell-checkers/Electronic Dictionaries

Learn about assistive technology tools called talking spell-checkers/electronic dictionaries.

IDEA 2004 Close Up: Resolving Disagreements Between Parents and Schools

Read about options parents have for negotiating disagreements about their children's special education placement or program.

Speech Recognition Software Programs

Learn about assistive technology tools called speech recognition programs.

A whole new world

After years of homeschooling, is this family ready to deal with the public school system?

Reading machines for students with LD

How can reading machines help kids with learning disabilities? An expert on assistive technology looks at peer-reviewed research for answers.

Section 504 updated: Greater eligibility and accommodations for students with LD, AD/HD

Learn about recent improvements made to Section 504, a civil rights law that now provides protection and accommodations to even more students with LD and/or AD/HD.

Evaluating educational software for children with LD: What parents need to know

Learn how to be a wise consumer of educational software advertised as being effective for kids with learning disabilities.