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Invisible targets

One girl's story offers a glimpse into an everyday cruelty: the bullying of children with disabilities.

It Worked: Finding a Focus With Photography

One mother highlights a strategy she used to help her son with LD experience success.

Resources for Locating Electronic Text on the Internet: A Valuable Tool for Students with LD

Electronic resources can be extremely useful for students with LD. Find online and other electronic resources that can enhance your child's learning experience.

Individualizing a Grading System for a Student With LD and an IEP

Get expert advice on working with your child's IEP team to develop a fair and equitable approach to grading.

Parents' Top Tips for Managing Interpersonal Conflict as You Advocate for Your Child

Parents share tried-and-true tips for managing conflict with others when advocating for your child.

Optimism and motivation: Keys to your child's success

Two psychologists describe the inborn optimism and motivation that drive children to learn and develop - and how you can nurture those traits.

Audio Textbooks Help Students With Reading Problems Access Curriculum

Learn why there's no need for a child to choose between learning to read and reading to learn.

No Child Left Behind and Students Who Struggle With Learning: An Online Chat

Advocate Candace Cortiella answers parents' questions about how the No Child Left Behind Act can support learning.

Collaborating with other adults to address your child's learning difficulties

Your child will benefit when you build positive partnerships with her teachers and other professionals.

The inclusion paradox

Why the student with disabilities sitting next to your child may improve his or her education.