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What makes an LD dream school?

Parents of children with learning differences dive into their experiences to define what constitutes a top LD school.

Helping Kids With Learning Disabilities Understand the Language of Friendship

Kids with learning disabilities sometimes struggle in social situations. Here's advice on helping your child avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Dos and don'ts with children with LD

Is there a student with a learning disability in your child's class? Avoid these LD faux pas!

Understanding bullying and its impact on kids with learning disabilities or AD/HD

Kids with learning or attention problems can be easy prey for bullies. An expert tells you how to recognize the signs that your child is being bullied.

Declaration of independence: Developing life skills for teens with LD

An expert outlines the skills your teenager with LD and/or AD/HD must develop to function as an independent adult, and how you can help.

Functional assessment: A positive approach to misbehavior at school

When punishment doesn't work, figuring out the reasons behind a child's unruly behavior is a more constructive approach.

It Worked: Setting Goals for the Future

A mother describes a strategy that helped her communicate with her son and his teacher about an issue they disagreed on.

Mackenzie Thorpe's Art "From the Heart"

When it mattered most, a caring teacher gave this now-famous artist with dyslexia the support he needed to pursue his passion.

Research Trends: The Daily Life Of Children With AD/HD and Their Moms

An expert interprets a unique study that maps the daily living challenges of mothers and their kids with AD/HD

My son the vice president

When her teenage son announces he wants to run for student council, this mom doesn't blink. Even so, she is well aware of how far kids with Down syndrome have come.