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AD/HD and Adolescence: A Formula for Risk and Vulnerability

Dr. Sam Goldstein describes the many risks and vulnerabilities teenagers with AD/HD face.

Foundations for Resilience in Teens With AD/HD

Dr. Sam Goldstein tells parents how to reduce risky behavior and foster resilience in their teens with AD/HD.

Home Alone: Leaving Your Teen With LD and/or AD/HD Unsupervised

If leaving your teen unsupervised raises special concerns, these strategies may help manage the risks.

Tech Preparation: New Challenges and Opportunities for College-bound Teens With LD and/or AD/HD

Help your teen with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD gain the essential tech skills he'll need to succeed in college.

Teaching kids with LD to drive: A complex family matter

One mother explains why parents need to be extra patient and take precautions when teaching kids with learning disabilities to drive.

Keeping Licensed Teen Drivers With AD/HD Safe: Parent Strategies

Dr. Marlene Snyder offers parents practical tips to help newly licensed teen drivers stay safe.

College Student With Learning Disabilities Designs His Own Future

Success has come one challenging step at a time for this persistent young man with learning disabilities.

Declaration of independence: Developing life skills for teens with LD

An expert outlines the skills your teenager with LD and/or AD/HD must develop to function as an independent adult, and how you can help.

When your teenager's peers are headed to college, but he is not

Help your teen formulate post-high school plans so he won't feel awkward talking with family and friends who ask about his future.

Tablespoons & Teaspoons: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Meal Preparation

Get expert, step-by-step advice on teaching your child with a learning disability or AD/HD to plan and prepare meals.