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Detecting learning problems in your child

Six areas parents should focus on when assessing their kids.

Working with Your Child's Teacher to Identify and Address Math Disabilities

An expert explains how math disabilities are identified and how parents can work with teachers to help their kids.

Learning to Spell - A Challenge for Elementary Students With LD

Get expert advice on common spelling problems in kids with learning disabilities and tips for conquering them.

Frequently used educational terms: learning and attention problems

Cut through the confusion by becoming familiar with the medical, psychological, legal and educational terms often used in educational settings.

Learning about a School's Approach to Reading Instruction

How is your child being taught to read? A reading expert explains how to investigate the instructional approach the teacher or school uses.

Effective Writing Instruction for Students With Learning Problems

Learn about proven classroom strategies for helping kids master writing.

Selecting a summer camp for kids with learning or attention problems

When searching for a summer camp, you'll want to start early, ask the right questions, and have a good grasp of your child's needs and interests.

Growing up with dyslexia: How I learned to succeed

A high school senior with learning difficulties inspires hope by telling his personal story of using determination and drive to overcome his challenges.

ADHD and dyslexia makes kids hate reading, right? Wrong!

Award-winning author Rick Riordan shares his experience with turning his son with learning disabilities into an insatiable lover of literature.

Finding Local Resources When Your Child Struggles to Learn

As you start your search for information about learning and attention problems, you may find some great resources close to home.