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Our 5 favorite preK math worksheets

Boost your preschooler's math skills with these five fun worksheets!

Ready, set, rhyme!

Our free, printable workbook you can use to help your little letter learner! Includes 10 rhyming words worksheets you can practice with your pre-reader. Together, you'll identify different combinations of letters and sounds that are the building blocks for literacy.

Word lists: preK to second grade

Words that rhyme, words that snap, words that spell learning fun - check out these free, printable worksheets!

Prefixes and suffixes

Learn more about (word) beginnings and endings!

Letter writing for kids

4 handy ways to teach your child the lost art of writing letters.

Reading graphs

In this math worksheet, your child will interpret data presented in graphs to answer questions.

Using a protractor

This measuring math worksheet asks your child to use a protractor to meaure angles.

Putting numbers in order, numbers up to 60

In this math worksheet, your child gets to practice number sequencing by putting sets of 4 numbers in order.

Reading bar graphs

Which season is most popular? Your child can find the answers to this and other data questions by interpreting the data on bar graphs in this math worksheet.

Finding 1/2 and 1/4, part 2

Ready for fractions? This coloring math worksheet introduces children to fractional parts by asking them to color in 1/2 or 1/4 of familiar shapes.