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Parent picks: What middle-schoolers are reading this summer

GreatSchools members share their favorite children's books, from classics to trendy tales.

My middle-schooler and I argue all the time

How do I deal with my son? He tries to argue with me all the time. I don't think we'll ever have a good relationship, and this deeply saddens me. I don't think he'll ever forgive me for divorcing his dad. He spends all his...

My Bright Middle-Schooler Has Problems With Tests

My 11-year-old has been having problems with standardized and entrance exams. She's otherwise a pretty good student (in public school gifted program in K-5). Now that she is in middle school, thankfully at a public charter school, I am concerned with how well...

Top summer learning activities for middle schoolers

Keep your sixth-, seventh-, or eighth-grader sharp all summer with fun brain boosters.

Talking to your middle-schooler: The top-three mistakes parents make

Avoid these conversational pitfalls to improve communication with your child.

What Should I Do With My Defiant Middle-Schooler?

Middle-school kids are worse than the terrible twos! My son just got relatively decent and we could have a conversation and now he has turned into a defiant toddler who is too big to put onto a time-out mat! Does anybody else feel this way...

School's out! Or is it?

Should you give your struggling kid a break over the summer, or is this crucial time wasted?

Multiplex schools

What is a multiplex school, anyway? Glad you asked! These "schools within a school" are gaining in popularity and may be just the right answer for your child.

Find a school with GreatSchools

A brief overview of how to use to find a school.

Excellent school series: Multicultural Magnet School

How a small but feisty school in Bridgeport, CT is overcoming the achievement gap.