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Garden of eatin'

Teach your preschooler where her food comes from and give her a taste for science.

A bug's life

Ant detectives get a close-up look at life on the hill.

Amazing Bubbles

How you can help at home: Here's an activity that will get your child ready to learn science by engaging her curiosity and building her observation skills.

Starry, starry night

The night sky offers hours of entertainment for aspiring astronomers.

Five ways to awaken your child's inner scientist

Make science come alive for your child with these simple tips.

Homework case study #2: The refuser

What happens when your child goes on a schoolwork strike? One expert weighs in.

Microscope discovery

How you can help at home: Using a microscope can help your child build observation skills, a necessary tool in science.

What is STEM - and why should you care?

Key things parents can do to give their children an edge in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Getting minority kids hooked on STEM

Local program strives to close STEM achievement gap.

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