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The power of play

As children slog though grueling schedules of enrichment and academics, researchers have found a connection between brain development and the very thing kids are getting less of.

Encourage hard work by celebrating your child's successes

Teach kids that effort is the key to success.

Helping your child respect the teacher

The right way to talk to the teacher about a problem.

Help your child make and reach goals

Giving kids a sense of purpose is easy with our four-step plan.

Don't let your child be a bully

Think your child would never bully others? Look for the signs - and solutions.

Teaching your child to be responsible and independent

How do you get kids to take charge? Start by letting go.

How to get kids to try their hardest

A great way to motivate children to try their best.

Resolving conflicts without fighting

Teach kids to solve conflicts with their minds, not their muscles.