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What Makes a Great School Board Member?

What makes a school board effective? Learn what qualities to look for in a successful school board member.

How One Mom Transformed Her School

Getting Involved: Anna-Marie Booth founded the Parent Teacher Student Association and raised money to support programs at school.

How One Mom Rejuvenated the School Library

Pam Lally brought her school's outdated library back to life.

Ten steps to building a bully-free school

When schools create a culture where everyone belongs, bullying is less of a problem.

How parents can help schools get healthy

Do your school's food and fitness programs make the grade? Give them a checkup and learn how to promote health education with these easy tips.

Who gives to schools: A guide to foundation funding

Does your child's school need play equipment or musical instruments? Here's how to find and get grant money to help pay for it.

10 tips for successfully getting a school grant

Do you want to help your child's school pay for the science fair or buy playground equipment? Here's how to find and get grant money to help.

Beyond the Food Fights: Helping Schools Get Healthy

School districts are now required to have formal wellness policies, but battles over school food and how to best improve kids' health rage on.

Who makes decisions about school staff?

Ever wondered who's in charge of whom in a school district? This guide explains who makes various staffing decisions.

Three parents who made a difference at their schools

Motivated by a desire to improve schools, parents are creating a new level of partnership with schools and helping to make a difference.