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Partnering with your older child's teacher

How (and why) you should play a key role in your kid's school success.

Sock Probability

How you can help at home: Have your child explore probability with socks.

Your third grader and language arts

Third grade is a turning point for your budding reader, who will spend less time on skills and more time working to understand the meaning of the text.

Your third grader and social studies

Students get a taste of political science as they learn the three branches of government.

Your kindergartner and social studies

How the world works: Kindergartners learn about countries and time.

The state of civic education: Teaching the citizens of tomorrow

Students' civic knowledge is lagging, but some groups are taking aim at the problem.

From Safaris to Spacewalks: Exotic (and Educational) Summer Programs

Want to fire up your child's curiosity about space, nature or college life this summer? If so, check out these unusual summer learning programs.

Go bananas with smoothies

Whip up a smoothie to give your child a nutritional boost for breakfast, lunch or any time. These recipes all start with a banana or two.

Online resources to get your child excited about reading

If you're still looking for a book that will spark your child's interest in reading this summer, check these resources.

Create a noisemaker

How you can help at home: This easy-to-make noisemaker reinforces the science skills of observation.