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Improving Older Kids' Reading Speed and Comprehension

Do you want to know what can be done to improve your middle or high school student's reading speed and comprehension? In this article, an expert addresses this concern.

How Older Kids Can Improve Their Writing Skills

Helping older students improve their writing skills requires both excellent instruction and age-appropriate practice - and lots of it. An expert explains this in parent-friendly terms.

Homework resisters

Have school evenings become a brutal battleground? Here's how to transform any type of homework hater into a homework hero.

Blog all about it

Reluctant writers may just need an online audience.

Should kids hang out at Club Penguin?

Internet sites for tweens are booming, but are they safe? Is this what our kids should be doing?

Going down in history

Use your next family visit to teach the kids about their roots.

Undercover math: The tweener's dream house

In this math activity, your child draws his bedroom to scale and creates his fantasy home.

Homework case study #3: Scattershot syndrome

Distraction, disorder, disarray: Is this more than ordinary homework pain?

Mean girls need not apply: The proof behind empowerment

Support programs help girls form positive relationships and avoid the pitfalls of cliques.

What's the scoop?

Junior journalists can get their start with a homegrown publication.