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Elections matter for schools

How you vote can affect your local public schools and your community.

Raising money for your school

Fundraisers have moved beyond bake sales as creative parents help cash-strapped schools look for every extra dollar to boost their budgets.

The ins and outs of school finance

Bewildered by budget battles, bonds, parcel taxes and complicated school funding systems? You're not alone.

Real-life stories about improving schools

Read these stories from Once Upon a School, a Web site created by best-selling author Dave Eggers to encourage citizens to get involved in their local schools.

Powerful parents transform schools

Parents aren't just sitting on the sidelines anymore. They're actively involved in schools and it's paying off in surprising ways.

Mom versus mystery meat

Fed up with the burgers and sodas taking over her son's cafeteria, Dana Woldow fought to bring healthy meals to middle-schoolers.

How did they hook you?

Field trip chaperones, reading group leaders, new petri dishes for experiments - teachers need us in many ways. But what gets you to chip in your time, expertise, and money?

Extreme makeover: green schools edition

Put an environmental spin on your kids' education with these eco-friendly tips for schools.

Zeroing in on zero tolerance

A recent suspension of a 6-year-old in Delaware is causing many parents to question schools' one-punishment-fits-all approach.

826 Valencia: A great example of giving to schools

Giving to schools can take many forms: volunteering, fundraising or even running for school board. A group called 826 Valencia is giving back by teaching kids that writing is fun.