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Pointless busywork or essential academic upkeep? The experts weigh in on the hot debate.

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Prepare your child for the changes and challenges of middle school with these tips.

Getting ready for middle and high school reading

Middle and high schoolers interpret, analyze, and discuss more-advanced texts. Here are the tools they'll need to succeed.

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7 things to tell the teacher about your child

When your child heads back to school, it's a great time to start talking with his teacher.

How can I prepare my child for the first day of kindergarten?

How do I prepare my daughter for the first day of kindergarten? I know the first day is a big deal for kids. With new faces and friends to make, an unfamiliar teacher, and a longer school day, kids can find "big-kids school"...

How Can I Help Ease the Transition to Middle School?

My child will be going into sixth grade. Could you please tell me what I can do so as to make the transition easier? He is an honor student and is already thinking about college. Is there any way that I can help him to...

Should My First-Grader Be Held Back for Reading Challenges?

My son finished first grade. For the better part of the year he has been assessed as a slow reader and the school wanted to have him repeat first grade. He does fine with all other subjects and the social aspects, but reading gives him...