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The top-five reasons to avoid a high school

High schools don't post banners announcing when they are failing. So how are parents supposed to know which ones aren't doing their job?

The murky middle: What an average school rating means

When a school’s GreatSchools Rating is a 1 or 10, you can be confident that you know how the students are performing according to state tests. But when a school has an average rating, it can mean many different things.

Traditional school alternatives: Is one right for your child?

Learn about different types of schools, with distinctive philosophies and curriculum, including Montessori, Waldorf, Core Knowledge, KIPP, and IB.

How important is cultural diversity at your school?

Attending a school with a diverse student body can help prepare your child for citizenship in a multicultural democracy.

The 3 biggest pitfalls of picking an elementary school

Want to find the right school for your child? Avoid these common mistakes parents make when trying to choose the best educational experience.

10 lowest scoring California school districts (2012)

After analyzing test scores, GreatSchools uncovered these 10 districts with the lowest average test scores.

10 most improved California school districts (2012)

In three short years, these 10 school districts have achieved impressive gains, upping their student achievement and GreatSchools Ratings.

10 fastest falling California school districts (2012)

The past three years have been tough for these 10 school districts, which have seen their test scores and GreatSchools Ratings fall faster than any other district in the state.

California’s most improved high schools (2012)

These six high schools have jumped from GreatSchools Ratings as low as 2 (below average) to as high as 9 (above average) in only two years.

California’s most improved elementary schools (2012)

In two short years, these seven schools have grown by leaps and bounds, jumping from GreatSchools Ratings as low as 2 (below average) to as high as 9 (above average).