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Four brain foods kids love

Forget about broccoli: Boost your child's brainpower with something he'll actually eat.

Food for thought

Can kids eat their way to better grades?

How Can I Help My First-Grader Sleep?

I can tell that my daughter Kayla experiences nights of not getting a full night's rest. On school nights, she is in bed by 8:30 p.m.; however, she'll be tired in school and/or after school, and her mood or temperament is less than...

Help! My child's motor skills are lacking

My second-grade son is well behaved and attentive and listens well. He is at grade level in all subjects. However, I am concerned about his motor skills. He can't tie his shoelaces well. When he ties them, they come undone in a few minutes. He...

Are our kids ready to talk about sex?

We are under pressure from some of the parents of our children's friends (8-year-old twins) to tell them about the birds and bees because "most of the children already know." We think this is too early. But on the other hand we...

What Should I Do About My Teen Using Pot?

My son is 17. We have suspected him of using marijuana for a few months now and my older son has actually caught him doing it with his girlfriend. I was cleaning up his room today and found pot in his pocket. I am extremely...

What is Causing a Change in My Child's Sleep Pattern and Behavior?

My first-grader got off to a great start this year and seems really "in sync" with her teacher. However, over the past week I've noticed a change in her sleeping pattern. She has been waking up within an hour of going to bed...

The lowdown on lice

Because all it takes is a few lice to wreak havoc on an entire school (and that's not even counting drug-resistant "super-lice"), we've gathered the facts you'll need to banish these obnoxious bloodsuckers and live louse-free.

Home green home

Whether your kids are budding Bill McKibbens or eco-novices, adopting Earth-friendly practices at home is an easy way to spend quality time together while fostering environmental awareness. And in some cases, going green can save your family green by reducing household expenses. Check out these...

Five ubiquitous foods to avoid

Take a stand for your child's health by steering clear of these dubious ingredients.