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Preschoolers and ADHD

Is it possible to diagnose and treat preschoolers with AD/HD? A new study provides much-needed insights.

Kids with Special Needs and Your Career - Making Hard Choices

One mother offers helpful, real-life tips for harried parents who work outside the home while raising kids with special needs.

Evaluation for a Learning Disability: Public or Private?

If you're considering having your child tested for a learning disability, you may wonder if it's better to pay for a private evaluation or ask your public schools to do it. This article can help you make that decision.

Parent Stories: "After Years of Failure ... a Miracle"

One mom's struggle to identify her son's learning disability and get him the services he needs.

Marriage under pressure: when your child has special needs

When the whole family is caught up in the whirlwind of life with a child with LD, it's easy to neglect your marriage. This article offers coping skills for couples.


Parent-teacher conferences are coming. Are you prepared for what you might hear?

Lessons From a School-Based Parent Support Group

Parenting a child with a learning disability can be a lonely journey. A parent support group, connected to your child's school, can be a great source of support and information.

Keeping it merry

A mother of a child with autism has the lowdown on surviving the holidays.

Celebrating children's achievements great and small

Kids say their self-esteem gets a boost when adults reward their small, everyday achievements. Read what they have to say!

Parents' top tips for partnering with your child's teacher

To help your child thrive at school, try these tried-and-true parent tips for working with your child's teacher.