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Best new books for older kids

Teen-eating monsters, visiting angels, world-scourging viruses! This year's 6 best new page turners are sure to please your favorite tween or teen.

Learning toys that fail

Not all teaching toys pan out: Some are boring; others fail to make a point. But these dangerously failing toys cross the line from "educational" to "injurious."

Best learning toys ages 6 to 8

From winding marble runs to interactive talking maps, these Golden Apple Awards 2011 put the fun back in school smart.

7 top computers for the holidays

Time to get your child a computer? Our tech expert shares her favorites for kids and teens.

6 smart tech toys

Our tech expert picks the season's best digital gifts to bolster learning and spark imaginations.

Board games: More than fun and games

Turn off the TV and get cozy with some old-fashioned board games.Your kids will have a ball and develop valuable learning skills while they play.

7 brain-building video games

You don't need to tell your child, but video games can be educational and entertaining. Our tech expert chooses this year's best that get kids moving and thinking.

The season's best cell phones for kids

Our tech expert chooses her top picks of the season for kids of every age.

7 top educational apps for the holidays

Adios, ballistic birds. Our tech expert finds the snazziest new smarts-boosting apps.

Best new books for young kids

Turn your preschooler through second grader onto this season's top new page turners.