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E-ssential tips: A parent's guide to assistive technology

An overview of current technologies to help parents select the right tools for their children with learning problems.

Understanding Asperger's syndrome

Asperger's syndrome, sometimes called nerd syndrome, is a neurological disorder categorized under the umbrella of autistic spectrum disorders.

Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting

Learn what to do before, during and after an IEP meeting.

Parent stories: my son's strongest advocate

A teacher's mentoring made a difference in the life of a boy with ADHD.

Tips for helping your child with writing assignments

Written language may be the most difficult form of language expression. For children with LD, it can be a serious challenge. Learn how to support your child in this important subject.

What kids say about living with learning disabilities

Read what kids with LD have told us about their daily lives, hopes, dreams, and fears.

How a Computer Helped My Son With Writing

Read the story of how the quality and quantity of one boy's school work improved — along with his self-confidence -- by using a computer.

Proofreading Software Programs

Learn about assistive technology tools called proofreading software programs.

Helping a Child Manage a Long-Term School Project

One family's story of helping their son plan and complete a long-term school project -- despite the challenges of having AD/HD and dividing his time between his divorced parents' homes.

Top Tips For Dads Getting Involved With Kids who Struggle in School

All kids benefit from having their dads involved at home and school. This is especially true when a child has learning and/or attention problems. Learn how to make it happen!