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Growing up with dyslexia: How I learned to succeed

A high school senior with learning difficulties inspires hope by telling his personal story of using determination and drive to overcome his challenges.

Will make eye contact

How to write social skills IEP goals that work.

Social networking online: how to safeguard your child's experience

Use these practical strategies to teach your child basic safety for online social interactions.

Red flags of a learning issue

How do you know if your child is struggling with a learning issue? Learn to read the clues.

Do I Have to Take ADHD Medication?

My mom thinks I have ADHD and I think I am just being me. Plus I feel that everyone acts this way at my age. I don't know what to do because on my pill I feel so slow and I have no energy whatsoever...

What's the Best Kind of Tutoring for My Sixth-Grader With LD?

My daughter has recently been tested for a learning difference in math and language composition (verb, preposition, adverbs, nouns, etc.). She is currently in a Montessori school in sixth grade but will be attending a charter school in the fall because she needs one-on-one help...

Falling short of failing

Not thriving, but not quite failing. Is there help for my boy in this educational no-man’s-land?

Understanding shut-down learners

Seven strategies to help your child climb from struggles to success.

Summer reading ... for parents

How long has it been since you had a summer reading list? While it's tempting to take a few months off from the rigors of the special education world, the longer days of summer are a great time to dive into all those issues you've...